[rz] Simple Timeline v1.1 - EXTENSION DEMO
W3C compliant :: HTML 4.01
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Early times...
We released our first experimental extension!
First pack!
We released our first pack; a set of amazing extensions to manage multiple layers synchronously and with unbeatable ease.
And more...
We released another nine amazing extensions for free.
More releases
We officially released for free this year another 14 extensions that previously were experimental.
Good news!
We released again eight new and advanced extensions for free.
We upgraded our classic layers extensions set and named it "[rz] Layers II".
During the first four months of this year, we released three new extensions for free and started to officially work on tools for both fluid and RWD scenarios.
We officially launched our web shop and changed from freemium to paid services with private and express support.
Good news for developers:
We released new 27 extensions!
Always trying to look beyond the horizon: 45 extensions were updated!
New year and a new extension released plus three updates!
We launched our [rz] Tools Depot service!
Another twenty new advanced extensions have been released!
We released 66 updates supporting the most exigent designers vision.
More tools available!
New 19 extensions have been released this year.
Still working hard behind the scenes!
Yes, 88 extensions were updated...
New eight extensions released so far plus another 28 updates and still counting because this year has not finished yet!

Thank you for your constant support!